Selling Your Home?

A Use and Occupancy (U&O) inspection is required prior to the sale of residential or commercial properties, or prior to a change of ownership. The purpose of this inspection is to verify that the current or proposed use of the property complies with Zoning and Building Codes.

The application fee for a U&O is $100.00 for residential properties (reinspection fee is $50.00) and $150.00 for commercial properties (reinspection fee is $75.00). This fee must be paid prior to scheduling the inspection appointment.

This U&O inspection should be completed 30 days prior to the scheduled settlement/change of ownership, in order to allow enough time to address any items that come up during the inspection. The U&O application is below, along with the inspection checklist that the inspector will have with him when he comes for the appointment. Both forms are also available at the Borough Office.

Telford Borough Use & Occupancy Inspection Application

Telford Borough Use & Occupancy Inspection Checklist


A final water and/ or sewer certification should be scheduled 2 days prior to Settlement.

The fee for a final water and/or sewer certification is $50.00 and is payable to Telford Borough. Please contact the office for fee verification if there is more than one unit at a property.

This fee may be paid when the cert request is submitted or added to the final certification.

To request a final water and/or sewer certification, please click below:

Request for Final Certification


Tax Certifications

To request a final tax certification for Settlement, please contact John Fenstermacher directly at 215-723-1317. 

The fee for a tax certification is $40.00 and is payable to John Fenstermacher. Thank you!