Building Permit Application Procedures

The Borough has established building permit requirements which coordinate methods and sequence of construction as specified in 2009 Int. Building Code / 2009 International Res. Code while insuring strict adherence to the Borough zoning ordinance. The following procedures shall be followed by all persons who wish to construct, enlarge, alter, or demolish a structure.

  1. Obtain a building permit application from the Borough office and complete all application sections. Include contractor's name, address, and Certificate of Insurance including Liability and Workers' Compensation.
  2. Attach two sets of plans and specifications drawn to scale, with sufficient detail and dimensions to indicate the nature and character of work to be completed and to establish compliance with the Borough building codes.
    • For single-family use: Two complete sets sealed by licensed architect, which include the following:
      • Site diagram: Indicate existing and new construction on scale drawing (distance from all lot lines, property lines, square feet of construction & lot, name of streets). Distinguish new construction from existing (See exhibit "A").
      • Floor Plan(s): Indicate room sizes, uses, direction of floor & ceiling joists, door & window locations, beam sizes & locations and locations of smoke detectors (See exhibit "B").
      • Foundation plan: Indicate size and location of footings, foundation walls, girder sizes, double joists & header locations (See exhibit "C").
      • Elevations: Indicate front, rear & side elevations with vents noted (See exhibit "D").
      • Cross section(s): Indicate full cross section of structure listing each construction material, size and spacing of materials, floor to floor heights & roof pitch (See exhibit "E").
      • Mechanical: Indicate make, model, size, EER, ratings & location of unit size location of all supply & return ducts.
      • Plumbing: Indicate types & location of fixtures, vents & stacks & isometrics.
      • Electrical: Indicate lighting, receptacles, and service size & location.
    • For commercial, industrial or multifamily use: Two complete sets sealed by licensed architect or professional engineer to include items a.1 to a.8 above; and one set of PA Dept. of Labor & Industry approved plans.

Please note the following:

All Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-family renovations, major alterations, and new construction shall be in strict compliance with the 2015 American National Standard ('15 ANSI) for handicapped accessible and usable buildings and facilities.

All Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-family Building Plans submitted shall provide complete handicap accessible detail.

Enforcement of the 2009 International Building Code, 2009 International Residential Code and the 2015 American National Standard shall be the responsibility of the Telford Borough Building Inspector.

Easements are a Right-of-Way by another for the purpose of access to utilities by the Borough, Utility Company or 3rd party (other than the owner). Easements must be kept free and clear of any structures, fences or change in grade by the owner of the property.