The Telford Borough & Authority office is located at 50 Penn Avenue, Telford, PA 18969 (in the former Univest Bank building). We look forward to seeing you there!

In addition to the customer window inside the building, the drive-thru on the side of the building next to the Police Department is now open for water/sewer payments - vehicles only. 

****The After Hours Depository is also available on the side of the building (same side of the building as the drive-thru, at the start of the drive-thru lane), any time of day, for water/sewer payments. Simply pull the handle down and place your envelope inside, then push the handle back up to the wall.

This website is your source for information on Telford Borough Authority (TBA) public water and sanitary sewer.

TBA is responsible for public water and sanitary sewer services within Telford Borough and some surrounding communities. Private wells and septic systems are under the jurisdiction of the Bucks County Board of Health.

Our office is available to help resolve water or sanitary sewer issues, and we welcome your comments.

Telford Borough Authority

Finance Director
215-723-5000 Ext. 106
Utility Billing Clerk
215-723-5000 Ext. 104
Borough Manager
215-723-5000 Ext. 100

Telford Borough Authority Board

Chairman- Term 2022-2026
Vice-Chairman- Term 2022-2026
Secretary - Term 2025-2028
Board Member- Term 2021-2025