According to the 2000 census, this quiet, primarily residential community is home to approximately 4600 people.

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September 3, 2019

The Telford Borough Council meeting held this date was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by President Robert Baker with the following members in attendance: Miles Arnott, William Ashley, Carolyn Crouthamel, Mark Gehman, Mayor David Snook, James Schaeffer and John Taylor. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Recording Secretary Megan McShane, Solicitor James Jacquette, Police Chief Randall Floyd, Officer Brett Popiny, Officer Robert Seville, Officer Sara Shaeffer, family members of Officers Seville & Shaeffer, Authority Board Chairman Timothy Hagey and residents Christine Benson, Wendy Leshinskie, Lori Rappold and Emiline Weiss and a reporter.

The invocation was given by Council President Robert Baker, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

SWEARING IN OF PART-TIME POLICE OFFICERS: Mayor David Snook swore in Robert Seville and Sara Shaeffer as part-time police officers for Telford Borough.


A Crouthamel/Arnott motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the minutes of the August 5, 2019 Borough Council meeting.


Manager Mark Fournier reported that the Borough has taken in 71.75% of its revenues and has spent 51.28% of its expenditures.

A Schaeffer/Gehman motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the Treasurer’s Report for August, 2019.

MAYOR’S REPORT: We did not receive a written monthly report for the file.                       

Mayor David Snook reported that he stopped in at the Fire Company to observe the Fire Cadet Program, and commented that it’s an excellent program.

POLICE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mayor Snook commented that the 1,000+ events each month that the Police Department is covering is just astounding. Chief Floyd commented that some are routine, but all of them require attention.

Mayor Snook asked about the status of 18 Church Road, and if the Borough can condemn the property. Manager Mark Fournier cautioned that condemn is a big term, and there is a lot involved with condemning a property; it would mean that the Borough would then own the property. Chief Floyd reported that the mortgage company has been getting cited weekly since last month, and he will be calling them again tomorrow. Mr. Fournier received a call this morning from the mortgage company person who received the citation, and he gave that contact information to Chief Floyd. Chief Floyd called the person back, but had not received a response.

Mayor Snook then asked if we can up the ante on fines. Chief Floyd stated that he expressed with the district judge that this is a problem, and that he will talk to the judge again. He has sent out many notices and made several calls, and added that the Department is doing what they can. Mr. Fournier added that the Chief is on it.

Councilman Miles Arnott asked about the two new ordinances that were recently adopted, and about the one resident who was not in compliance as of last month’s meeting. Chief Floyd reported that the officers hand delivered two notices to the resident, and also sent the notice via Certified Mail, but they did not pick it up at the post office. Chief Floyd stated that if they do not pick up their Certified letter, they will be cited.

Council President Robert Baker commended Chief Floyd on the letter that Council received from Delaware Valley Family Business Center, informing Council of the very positive experience that they had with the Police Department recently, and thanking the Department for their assistance with some concerns that the Police Department recently addressed for them. Mr. Baker thanked Chief Floyd for representing the Borough.

FIRE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

LIBRARY REPORT: We did not receive a written monthly report for the file.

Wendy Leshinskie informed Council that the Library recently started sending a monthly update via e-mail to patrons, and told Council that she can forward it to all of them, if it would be okay to do that. It was the consensus of Council that they would like to receive the monthly update via e-mail from the Library.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mayor David Snook asked Public Works Director Gary Yoder how the Water Department determines whether to repair or replace water meters. Mr. Yoder stated that it is determined by the age of the meter, and the readings that are obtained.

Councilman John Taylor thanked Mr. Yoder and Mr. Kopp for their continued work on the Night Market.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that the due date for the bids for the Borough Hall Renovation Project was bumped back to September 18th, to allow contractors to include the remediation of the small amount of asbestos that was found in the building.

BUILDING OFFICIAL’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We did not receive a written monthly report for the file.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that the Borough received a second set of revised plans from the Lutheran Home, and the project will hopefully go before the Planning Commission for review in October.


Christine Benson, a resident from Grundy Manor, stood and re-introduced herself to Council. Ms. Benson asked if a decision was made to put angled parking spaces on both sides of Washington Avenue. Chief Floyd informed Ms. Benson that the Public Safety Committee did not discuss this matter at their meeting last month, but he has discussed this at length with Public Works Director Gary Yoder, and there is nothing more that can be done; the angled spaces would not make any difference. Ms. Benson stated that she could have a meeting once a month with the Grundy residents who drive to reinforce the new spaces, and Mr. Baker stated that the lines will not solve the issue; the Borough has done everything that we’re going to do about this matter. Ms. Benson thanked Council for their consideration.


            A-1       A Crouthamel/Taylor motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the payment of bills for the month of August, 2019 in the amount of $288,066.25.

A-2       A Crouthamel/Arnott motion carried unanimously (7-0) to adopt the Minimum Municipal Obligation for the year 2020 for the Police Pension Plan with the amount being $85,741.

A-3       A Crouthamel/Arnott motion carried unanimously (7-0) to adopt the Minimum Municipal Obligation for the Non-Uniform Pension Plan for the year 2020 with the amount being $229,146.

PLANNING AND ZONING COMMITTEE: There was nothing to report at this time.


Councilman Mark Gehman reported that the next NMCRC meeting will be on October 29th.

PUBLIC WORKS/BUILDINGS & PLANT COMMITTEE: Mr. Ashley                        

PW-1    An Ashley/Gehman motion carried unanimously (7-0) passing Resolution 19-02, which authorizes Telford Borough to sign the 2019 Municipal Winter Traffic Services Agreement with PennDOT. Per this five-year Agreement, Telford Borough is paid to plow the following 2 PennDOT-owned roads: Main Street from the North Borough line to Central Avenue and East Church Avenue from County Line Road to Emlen Way.

Councilman Bill Ashley thanked Mr. Fournier and the Public Works staff for the work they have done thus far on the new Borough Hall building.


            PS-1     An Arnott/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the following additional activities for the Fire Company & Fire Police for 2019: September 7th – Lansdale Bike Night; September 15th – Pennridge Gallery of the Arts; September 18th – Indian Valley Public Library event; September 29th – West Rockhill September Fest.

Councilman Miles Arnott reported that the Public Safety Committee met and had a preliminary review of the proposed police budget. He added that Chief Floyd did a great job on it.


Councilman John Taylor reported that both Jordana Fitzgerald and her assistant resigned from Souderton-Telford Main Streets. Mr. Taylor is working with the Main Streets Executive Board to make sure everything is in order, and the Board has committed that 2 Board members will be at each of the remaining Telford Night Market events.

Mr. Taylor reminded Council of the East Penn Modifiers Club Car Show scheduled for this Sunday, September 8th at the Marketplace at Telford Station. He also reminded them that Souderton Art Jam is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th on Wile Avenue in Souderton between the pool and the park.

Mr. Arnott asked Mr. Taylor about the booth that Representative Malagari had at the last Night Market and what the rule is on political presence at the Market. Mr. Taylor reported that the rule is that the Market is non-political; people are allowed to set up a table to simply introduce themselves and talk about what services they can provide to the community.



Telford Borough Council entered into Executive Session at 8:18 pm to discuss matter of litigation.

Borough Council closed Executive Session at 9:28 pm. No action was taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 pm by a Arnott/Crouthamel motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark D. Fournier



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