According to the 2000 census, this quiet, primarily residential community is home to approximately 4600 people.

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January 7, 2008

The Telford Borough Council meeting held this date was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Solicitor Mark E. Weand, Jr. with the following members in attendance: Jeffrey Maxwell, J. Allen Landis, Carolyn Crouthamel, Robert Baker, Stanley Nyce, and Scott Hillegass. John Harrell was absent. Also present were Manager Mark D. Fournier, Public Works Director Donald Beck, Recording Secretary Cathy Fried, Mayor Jay R. Stover, Police Chief Douglas Bickel, Engineer Patrick DiGangi and press reporters.

The invocation was given by J. Allen Landis, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

The Solicitor took the chair and nominations were opened for Council President.

J. Allen Landis nominated Robert Baker for Council President seconded by Stanley Nyce. Nominations were closed by a Hillegass / Nyce motion. This motion carried unanimously (6-0).

Scott Hillegass nominated Stanley Nyce for Vice-President, seconded by J. Allen Landis. Nominations were closed by a Hillegass / Landis motion. This motion carried unanimously (6-0).

Stanley Nyce nominated Carolyn Crouthamel for President Protempore, seconded by J. Allen Landis. Nominations were closed by a Hillegass / Nyce motion. This motion carried unanimously (6-0).

The Borough Solicitor relinquished the chair to the newly elected President Robert S. Baker.

A Crouthamel / Nyce motion carried unanimously (6-0) reappointing Mark D. Fournier as Secretary for the Telford Borough Council for the year 2008.

A Nyce / Maxwell motion carried unanimously (6-0) reappointing Daphne Hollowbush as Treasurer for the Telford Borough Council for the year 2008.

A Nyce / Hillegass motion carried unanimously (6-0) approving the December 3rd, 2007 minutes.



Mayor Stover reported he has been contacted by numerous residents concerning leaf pick-up. He also reported there is some discussion of possibly expanding the library building. The Library is in the process of having an as-built prepared.

Mayor Stover thanked Police Chief Douglas Bickel for the work the police department does and for their efforts for the holiday drive.


Our annual Christmas drive was a complete success. We helped approximately 25 families this year with a combined total of 65 children. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who contributed to this annual event.

I attended the Montgomery County Police Chiefs monthly meeting and also attended the annual Rotary Christmas event. Officer Fox attended drug identification course held at Fort Indiantown Gap and all officers obtained the CPR recertification for the year.

We handled a high number of calls in December to include, but not limited to: rape, burglaries, thefts, forgery, fraud; numerous summary offenses to include disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and harassment. Officers also responded to 15 domestic calls some of which resulted in arrests.

Detective Floyd will submit his report at a later time.

I have included some news articles for your information.

FIRE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

LIBRARY REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.


1. Leaf Collection - We continued to collect leaves on a daily basis throughout the month of December. Our final day for curbside pick-up is 1/ 4/08. After this date, Residents must bag their leaves and call the Borough office to arrange pick-up. We will be scheduling another round of collection this spring.

2. Christmas Lights - We experienced some problems with our wreaths this year. Due to high wind conditions, the bands supplied with the wreaths to fasten them to the poles failed. Therefore, as we remove the wreaths we will drill and lag bolt the brackets to the poles. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

3. Train Station - In regard to the fountain installation, the following items are on-going: The contractor began installation of the fountain wall. We purchased a vault to house the pump and electrical components. The vault has been installed by our public works crew. On Monday, January 7th, the plumber will begin his work, followed by the electrician. When these items are complete, the general contractor will return and complete the masonry work.

Additionally, we are working to rectify the storm water problem in the basement of the Passenger Station. Water is entering through the old coal chute opening. Our public works crew has parged and pitched the wall that was installed by the general contractor. Next we plan to fill the opening with dense fill and hopefully seal the leak.

4. Snow & Ice - We salted and/or plowed on the following dates: 12/2, 12/5, 12/6, 12/13, 12/31.

5. Bid Packets - We completed the bid packets for materials and equipment rentals. Bid opening is set for 1/15/08.

Public Works Director Donald Beck reported leaf collection officially ended January 4th, 2008. However, residents are being encouraged to collect leaves in bags and contact the Borough office. There will be a leaf collection in the spring. He also reported there were problems with the Christmas lights. Lag bolts are now being used to secure the bands and this should alleviate the problem for the next holiday season. Also, work has begun on the fountain at the Train Station.

Council member Stanley Nyce commended the Public Works Department for salting borough streets during inclement weather.


  • Reviewed various building / zoning permit applications and land development plans with the Zoning Officer and the Solicitor.
  • Attended various meetings with regard to Borough Council and Telford Borough Authority.
  • Met with the Borough Engineer and Solicitor to coordinate various project reviews and construction projects.
  • Budget Adoption.
  • Attended the joint meeting of the Bucks County Consortium and Montgomery County Manager's Association.
  • Coordinated lease preparation for the Train Station / Freight Building.
  • Met with a company regarding electronic document storage.
  • Met with a developer regarding a proposed layout for a future project.
  • Coordinated a meeting with Sellersville Borough to demonstrate our accounting system.
  • Participated in the annual food / gift drive with the Police Department.
  • Met with the Police Chief and a property owner along Church Road regarding truck traffic issues.

Mark Fournier reported he has received lease documents from Solicitor Mark Weand.

BUILDING OFFICIAL'S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Stanley Nyce commented on the efforts being made to resolve issues at 22 Church Road. Mark Fournier reported there has been on-going communication between the building inspector and the resident.


Solicitor Mark Weand highlighted a few of the items listed in his report. He reported he has had no further contact from Rock Community Church. He also reported an extension letter has been received from Robert Bricker, Esq. regarding the Sellars zoning variance application. He has prepared a Grant and Bill of Sale and easement agreements for the Noble Oaks development. These documents have not been returned as of this date.


Engineer Patrick DiGangi reviewed the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit, the Centennial Park project, the Stover Park lighting project and the Erie Avenue project. Council member Jeffrey Maxwell asked if there is a specific time limit that lights are to be turned off at Stover Park. Mark Fournier commented that the lights are on a timer and are set to be turned off at 11:00 p.m.



Z-1 A Maxwell / Nyce) motion carried unanimously (6-0) designating Union National Bank & Trust Company of Souderton, and First Savings of Perkasie as depository for Borough funds and authorizing the Borough Manager to invest as he sees fit in the best interest of the Borough.

Z-2 A Nyce / Landis motion carried unanimously authorizing the Borough Manager to advertise the bids for goods and services, as needed during 2008.

Z-3 A Landis / Hillegass motion carried unanimously (6-0) re-appointing Vacant Seat to the Telford Borough Authority, term to expire 1/1/13; David S. Snook to the Zoning Hearing Board, term to expire 1/1/11; Emiline I. Weiss to the Vacancy Board, term to expire 1/1/09; Steven J. Leshinskie to the Indian Valley Regional Appeals Board, term to expire 1/1/11; David G. Landis to the Telford Industrial Development Authority, term to expire 1/1/13; Stanley Nyce to the Recreation Board, term to expire 1/1/11; Jason Searock to the Planning Commission Board, term to expire 1/1/13; Wendy Leshinskie to the Civil Service Commission, term to expire 1/1/11.

Z-4 A Hillegass / Landis motion carried unanimously (6-0) passing Resolution 08-01 to exempt participating fulltime paid policemen from contributing one percent of their wages to the police pension fund for the year 2008.

Z-5 A Hillegass / Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) adopting Ordinance No. 370 for the participation of Telford Borough in the Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust pursuant to the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Law.

Z-6 A Nyce / Crouthamel motion carried unanimously to borrow interest-free funds from the Telford Borough Authority when necessary.

Z-7 A Hillegass / Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) to accept Change Order Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as presented by S & H Landscaping in the total amount of $62,322.98.


1. A Nyce / Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) to authorize the manager to advertise the Borough Council, Planning Commission, and Borough Authority meeting schedule for the year 2008.

2. Review of Landis Supermarket Proposed Land Development.

Borough Manager Mark Fournier presented preliminary land development plans for the proposed development of the current parking lot of Landis Supermarket. The proposal includes a bank, fuel station islands, and a three (3)-story office building to be constructed in the area of the parking lot parallel to County Line Road. The plan does not provide for additional exit to and egress from County Line Road. Comments are expected from PennDot regarding road widening and a highway occupancy permit for the necessary improvements.

3. Mark Fournier reported that the Omnibus Bill has been signed by President George W. Bush and Telford Borough is expected to receive approximately $245,000 for the Train Station Renovation Project.


The Council entered into executive session at 8:48 p.m. to discuss personnel matters, real estate matters, and police negotiation results.

The Council exited executive session at 9:36 p.m.

A Hillegass / Nyce motion carried unanimously (6-0) authorizing the appropriate signatures on lease agreements with tenants of the Train Station and Freight Building.

A Crouthamel / Hillegass motion carried unanimously (6-0) authorizing Council President Robert Baker to sign the Landlord Subordination Agreements for the tenant of the Train Station.

A Landis / Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) approving Resolution 08-02, Revised Personnel Policy Statement.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 p.m. by a Crouthamel / Maxwell motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark D. Fournier



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